You Can Do Something!

If everyone does something, we can change the world.


  • Talk to your friends and friends.
  • Sometimes people won’t want to listen. Focus on the ones who do.


  • No cares about this more than God does, so let’s let Him know we care too.
  • Find a friend to pray with you.
  • Start a regular prayer meeting that is dedicated to people who need help.


  • Start looking at where your products come from. Many organizations pay a fair wage (you can find many of them on our site or in our magazine), and many do not. Many are produced through forced labor. Do your research.
  • FAIR TRADE USA is a good place to see what products come with slavery, and which ones come without.


  • Write letters to your senators and congressmen/women asking them what they are doing.
  • Partner with organizations who have safe houses and ask them if you can write to women and girls rescued from trafficking to encourage them.asking them what they are doing.


  • Use social media to disseminate information on human trafficking. You can like certain pages and pass the information along on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social platforms to get the word out. (You can even like our FB page!)
  • Start your own page to inform people on your passion to end trafficking.
  • Start a blog.
  • Create a board on Pinterest.
  • Always make sure to include the positive: the message that we can make a difference, that people are being rescued every day, that we are teaching people how to avoid being victimized, and that progress is being made. This is a dark issue, but we don’t want to leave people depressed, hopeless, or angry.


  • Educate yourself on this issue. Be ready to answer questions.
  • Educate others. Many people don’t realize slavery still exists but most people do care when they find out. But for those that don’t, don’t let them stand in the way of working with those who will share your passion in making a difference.


  • Send things to groups. You can create a drive to collect goods at your church, in your neighborhood, at your school, or even at work. Always make sure to check with the organization first and be mindful of any legalities.
  • Even if a particular group doesn’t necessarily have something posted on needs, you can bet they probably need something. Write and ask!


  • There are a plethora of groups that strive to fight human trafficking. Find one in your area.
  • Polaris
  • Aglow


  • There are a plethora of groups that fight human trafficking.
  • If a group doesn’t exist in your area, start one! You don’t have to start big. Start where you are and see where it goes.


  • Many groups offer volunteer positions. Volunteer positions exist at home and overseas and can be open even to teens (with parental permission).
  • Volunteering can be an incredible way to make a hands-on difference, but some types of volunteer positions can bring exposure to realities that are difficult and heart-breaking. Know what God is asking you to do!
  • Volunteering can also be for things like administrative work. This is incredibly important and needed, and can be a good option for someone who wants to make a difference but who may not be called to deal directly with victims or to engage directly in some of the more startling realities of human trafficking.


  • We’ve talked about giving time and things, but finances are also important. Any amount is helpful for organizations fighting this issue. Even a thousand people give $10 every month—that’s $10, 000 a month. That can make a HUGE difference!
  • Find an organization you want to support and start a fundraiser. Have fun and be creative! If you’re not sure where to give, check out our Partners and Contributors page.


Some additional places to help you get moving:


At Voices of Justice we add to the list of inspiring organizations and tell new stories all the time.

  • Keep checking on our blog and magazine for inspiration, empowerment and education.
  • Let us know when you are doing something, so we can all support it.  Drop by our Twitterfeed and tell us what’s new (@graceasjustice)
  • Send us your success stories for the next edition of the Voices of Justice magazine!

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