It was an unlikely place for a breakthrough… the killing fields just outside of Phnom Penh. Because of my tender nature, this was a painful place for me to visit. The killing fields are located throughout Cambodia and hold the remains of thousands of men, women, children, and infants who were killed during the Khmer Rouge back in the 1970’s. Every time I would go, I would hurt deeply for both the living and the dead in this gentle nation—for all who were affected by this great injustice, both then and now.  From my understanding, a measure, if not most of the brokenness, corruption, and issues of human trafficking today are a result of the effects of the genocide. As I would think about the trauma long after I would leave the grounds, it left me grieving over the losses with such a feeling of helplessness. What can I do? It just wasn’t fair, and the questions that I couldn’t answer would haunt me.

As we were heading to the killing fields once again one day to host a new group who had come to serve with our team, I opted out this time and decided to stay back and pray for the group as they toured the fields.  However, after a powerful teaching that morning on authority and identity, a new strength from the Holy Spirit rose up in me, and I knew that He wanted me to face my giant.

I prayed and worshiped the whole way to the killing fields and set my gaze on Jesus. Although what the former generations went through was a massive tragedy, the comfort and revelation I received in my heart was that there is a generation nowamong the living who come from the generations of those who died that we can reach with the hope, the life, and love of Jesus. He is the hope for Cambodia (Matthew 12:21)and He alone can heal broken hearts and mend the soul of the nation. “He heals the broken-hearted and binds up their wounds.” (Psalm 147:3)

As the rest of the group started on the tour, I held back near the front gate, as I wasn’t quite sure if I would stay there or go through the fields and pray. Shortly after, a drizzle started. Then it rained a bit harder. Finally, the rain turned into a downpour.

As I quickly sought shelter under a covering, I marveled at how quickly the rain had come after we arrived. Within moments, I felt that this was a “cleansing rain,” and I was sensing an invitation from God Himself to come out into the rain… to be cleansed of the heavy burdens that I had been carrying for the nation and to release them back to Him.

Taking off my poncho, despite the bewildered stares of onlookers, I responded to His invitation and walked out into the rain. Raising my arms and putting my face to the sky as the rain poured over me, I was cleansed both inside and out. I danced. I cried. I released.  That brief moment was a lifetime shift. It truly was the breakthrough my heart needed to move forward in effective ministry in the nation.

As I conclude, I am praying for each person reading this, and my prayer for you is that todaywould be your day to experience a breakthrough in every single area of your life that is being held in any form of bondage. He is the God of breakthroughs! (Micah 2:13)


Cathy Cupp is partnering with Extreme Love Ministries in Cambodia to help in the PREVENTION, RESCUE, AND AFTERCARE of women and children caught in modern day slavery through the sex tourism epidemic. She also TRAINS teachers, who will then nurture and teach at-risk children and those who have been rescued from sex trafficking and also have special needs (i.e. Down Syndrome, Autism, etc.) She is also director of the KIDS’ JUSTICE HOUSE OF PRAYER (KJHP), raising up children and teens in the slums in worship and intercession for their nation and families, and how to hear the voice of God.

The Journey to Justice is a regular devotional feature of Voices of Justice published with the goal of imparting encouragement and the grace to persevere to those on the frontlines in the fight against human trafficking. If you would like to submit a piece for either our blog or quarterly magazine, please email us at


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