Our Story


We all have a story. This is ours.

Everyone loves a good story. But have you noticed a common theme in good stories? They all have lots of twists and turns. Rarely do our lives, or our stories, follow a straight line or a single path. Usually they meander here and there, with lots of hills and valleys thrown in for dramatic effect. Sometimes two paths cross and create a whole new chapter. That’s what happened with Voices of Justice.

In 2015,  after several years of increased awareness regarding the scope and gravity of the issue of human trafficking, founding editor Rachael Williams-Mejri decided she needed to do more. So she did. She used what was in her hand and Grace as Justice (our original name) was born.

For two years, Rachael nurtured and stewarded GAJ. However, in 2017 she began to sense a need for change. While she knew she would always use her gifts and abilities to aid global abolition efforts, she was no longer able to give the magazine the investment of time it required.

Meanwhile, long before Grace as Justice was born, current editor Cindy Powell found herself on a similar journey. Since 2005 she had been partnering with organizations fighting human trafficking and made several overseas trips to work in red light districts and with at-risk kids. Despite her previous involvement, it was a trip to Pattaya, Thailand in 2014 that provided a “this changes everything” wake up call that marked her heart in an eternal way. Like Rachael, she knew she needed to do more. However, despite several attempts to move in that direction, the “more” didn’t materialize until 2017.

The rest, as they say, is history. Or in this case, the rest is our story. Cindy and Rachael’s paths crossed through their mutual membership in a women’s ministry network. Although unexpected for both to them, the transition gave Rachael the freedom she needed to pursue other ventures, and gave Cindy the opportunity she had long desired for greater impact.

Change is inherent in every transition, and the magazine’s change in leadership was no exception. We are all uniquely wired and, even when called to the same issue, have differences in approach. One such change was unveiled in January of 2018. At that time Grace as Justice became known as Voices of Justice. The name is different, some of our features are different, but our story will always be about using our voice to “empower, inspire, and release voices in the fight against human trafficking.”

There may yet be a few unexpected twists and turns, and maybe even additional merging of paths down the line, but one thing you can be sure of is this:

Until every captive is set free, our story will continue to unfold.


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