We are looking for two new regular columnists. Could you be one of them?

Grace as Justice will be adding several new regular features to each issue, including three regular columns! Read on to see if you, or someone you know, could be a fit for one of the regular columns, or as a contributor for one of our other new features.

Regular Columns

In our September issue, we will debut our new restoration-based column called Exodus to Flourish. The column will be written by Kezia Hatfield, M.A.,LMFT. Kezia is the Founder and CEO of Flourish International, a nonprofit organization equipping churches and families in trauma-informed care for survivors of sexual exploitation. Having worked exclusively with survivors of sexual exploitation and their support systems, Kezia believes healthy families are the linchpin to all human growth and restored design. Her experience and perspective will provide education and inspiration not just for those working in aftercare but for all who desire to see the lives of those who were once enslaved begin to flourish!

We are also looking to add two additional new columns in the near future–hopefully by our November issue! One column will be focused on intervention/rescue/outreach, and the other will target prevention. The commitment would be to write one 500-1000 word column for each issue (currently bi-monthly). It is fine if the individual selected works exclusively for a particular organization; however, the column itself should address the topic in broad terms with content applicable to a broad spectrum of readers. Unfortunately at this time we are unable to compensate contributors, but we do hope that will change in the near future. If this is something you may be interested in, please email graceasjustice@gmail.com for additional details.

New Feature: What’s in Your Hand?

GAJ has always been a strong proponent of the concept of using what is in your hand. Many of our contributors have started nonprofits or work full time for amazing organizations involved in the fight to free captives. We recognize and regularly honor those who have given their lives for this purpose–and will continue to do so! But there are also many individuals who, for a multitude of reasons and life circumstances, are not able serve full time in the fight against human trafficking who nonetheless “use what’s in their hand” to make a significant difference. If that’s you–whether it is through social media advocacy, volunteering for a local organization, fundraising, blogging, or ???–we want to hear from you! Our desire is to feature at least one individual in each issue who is taking the initiative to use what’s in their hand–to do what they can. Because doing what you can matters!  We hope to debut this feature in our November edition.

Spotlight on…

For the last year or so, GAJ has usually had a theme for each issue. However, beginning with the November issue, this will become a “spotlight”  topic for each edition. Rather than devoting the entire edition to topics and organizations that fit within the theme, each edition will include at least 3-5 articles related to the spotlight topic.

The Spotlight for November, 2017 will be how Arts and Media are impacting the fight against human trafficking.This is an ideal time for dancers, filmmakers, visual artists, poets, songwriters, and other creatives to showcase how they are using their gifts and abilities to bring awareness to the issue of modern-day slavery.

Please email graceasjustice@gmail.com for additional information on any of these features or regular submissions. You can also visit our submission page for additional details.

Please Continue to Share GAJ!

If we each do what’s in our hand, together we will end human trafficking. Millions in bondage are waiting for us to respond. Let’s make their voices heard!

Don’t forget to watch for our next issue. We have so many wonderful stories to share from those fighting human trafficking in Southeast and Southern Asia (think Thailand, Cambodia, India, Nepal, and more). Look for it on September 1, 2017!

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