Nepal stands in a mountainous region in South Asia between Tibet and India. While many

people know this land as one of religious significance for Hindu worshipers, and a beautiful

oasis for tourists, it is also a source country for human trafficking. A serious lack of

education coupled with poverty has caused the country’s women and children to be among

the world’s most vulnerable to traffickers. Religious and social ideals often keep back

healing and reintegration for any trafficked individuals who may have escaped the violence

of sex work.


Recently Nepal came to center stage when an earthquake shook it at the core, killing

thousands immediately and sending the entire country into chaos. As the country

responded to save those still hanging on to life, another earthquake struck, killing and

destroying even more people and property.

Nepal has shown progress recently in its religious tolerance by finally permitting Christians

to bury their dead. Let’s pray for this country and ask God what we can do.

Ready to take action?

Here are VERY few agencies that are on the ground right now:

YWAM Nepal


Samaritan’s Purse

Hand Of Hope (Joyce Meyer)

World Vision


Please note that whenever you give money, you should check out the agency’s financial

accountability prior to sending anything.

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